Quiz: How Irish are you?

Sure, you can fake an Irish brogue and proudly wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. But how Irish are you really? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of all things Irish:

How did you do? Are you as Irish as you thought?

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Curious about some of the quiz questions? We’ve got more details [no peeking if you’ve not yet taken the quiz].

Colcannon: The dish combines potatoes, kale, cream, and other ingredients in a hearty dish that is more traditionally “Irish” than corned beef and cabbage.

The Irish National Anthem: Known as “Amhrán na bhFiann” in Ireland, only the chorus of the song is specified as the national anthem.

Irish whiskey: Both spellings are considered correct, but the choice of usage depends on the country. In Scotland, “whisky” is spelled without the “e”, while the Irish spell it “whiskey.” Americans use the “ey” spelling as well — perhaps thanks to centuries of Irish influence in the United States.

Drisheen: It may sound like it could be an Irish county, but Drisheen is  a type of black pudding.

Baile: Pronounced “BAHL-e”, this word can also mean town, village, or farm, and is sometimes anglicized to “bally” (example: the Irish town of Ballymena).

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