Keep Your Shoes in Order

After a long day of work you’ve finally settled into bed. The lights are off and your waking life is slowly drifting into rest. Suddenly a knock announces itself from the dark. You wake confused. Slowly walking to the source of the sound you approach the closet. You reach for the handle and slowly open the door. A pile of shoes topple to the floor before you.

This could be the topic of countless arguments spent with your significant other. It’s on that “To Do List” you have somewhere with all the other projects lined up. It could very much well be what keeps us up late at night. This is the affair with your shoes and it needs to be addressed.

Thousands of articles will pop up when you google “How to Organize Your Shoes”. The advice usually involves- building this, buying that, being creative; but we are here to tell you- it’s easier than it looks. We understand that this issue needs to be taken care of and you can keep it simple and practical.

Organizing your shoes will do the following:

  • It will keep your life organized and save you time when finding what to where.
  • It will give you an outlook of what shoes you have and what shoes you need, thus saving you money and prevent you from shoe splurging.
  • Lastly, remember those arguments with that significant other? Those will quiet down, because they’ll see that you finally have it under control.

Make Time

This is the first step and it could be the hardest part. Plan for a few hours or even a half day if needed. Make room in your busy schedule to resolve this issue, so that you can deal with other, more important things in life.

Shoe Boxes

We recommend storing your shoes in boxes. You might be thinking, “they take up room” but we’ll explain that later and, hey, at least no one will ever see or know how many shoes you REALLY have! Plus, you’ll keep the dust out. Storing your shoes in boxes will also help keep your house clean. If you bunch your shoes all together, dirt you tread from outside will not only make a mess, but it will also rub onto other pairs of shoes. Keep your shoes clean and they will last longer.

Boxes are easy to find. If you don’t mind spending the money, you can find “shoe size boxes” at stores like The Container Store, Ikea, or any local stores that carry them.

We recommend keeping the original box when purchasing a new pair of shoe. You can also visit a local shoe boutique, like our very own Step! Shoes in Santa Monica, and ask if you can have any extra shoe boxes that they are not using. Owners will be more than willing to give them away.

Style/ Color

Separate your shoes according to style: tall boots, booties, oxfords, sneakers, heels, wedges, flats, sandals. Next categorize them into color and type of shoe: dressy or casual.

Start A List

This is the fun part. This will help tremendously if you are trying to size down your collection. If you find that you have too many black heels, pick the pair(s) you wear the most. For the rest, donate or sell them.

Write down what shoes you need- the style, color, and type. For the next shopping trip, you will know exactly what you are looking for and spend less time searching. Also, by starting a list, and knowing what shoes you already have, you will begin to eliminate the feeling of not having enough shoes.

Put It All Together

Now that you have your shoes separated, you can then put them into shoe boxes. We understand that shoe boxes can take up a lot of closet space. The trick is to utilize the space inside wisely. We find that two pairs of shoes can easily fit into one box, if it will allow it.

While keeping the same styles together, store all dark colors into one box and vise-versa in another.

If you are storing two pairs together, make sure that the bottom of the soles are facing one another so that your shoes will remain clean.

For Those Tall Boots

Now we agree with you on this part. Tall boots = big boxes. So, for your boots, we recommend leaving them out.

Prevent them from slouching over by using boot shapers. These can easily be found at any home good stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, TJ Maxx, or The Container Store.

Homemade inserts are inexpensive and easy to make. You can find paper board from a craft store. If you have them lying around the house, put them into good use.

Final Step

It’s time to seal the deal. All closet’s are made differently, so store your shoe boxes accordingly. You can stack your boxes down below or insert them into shelves.

Store Away by Season. If the season is over, there’s no need to keep extra shoes floating around. Store them in a bin or in a separate area away from your shoes so that they won’t get in the way.


Remember that to do list you have? You can finally check off- “Organize Shoes.” We guarantee, at least this won’t be a reason you can’t fall asleep at night.

Organizing your shoes is a step closer to keeping your life in order. We hope our advice will bring you closer.