It’s a small world: One Bondi apartment building tells the story

There is only one race. The human race.

Within each of us lies a connection to more parts of the world than we know.

The residents of an entire Bondi apartment block took an , to find out which of 26 ethnic regions around the world their ancestors came from. This is their incredible story.

The video series is well worth watching. But here are just a few of the surprising stories.

I know that I am ______

Some of the residents were very sure they knew what to expect.

Theo Athanasopoulos was asked, ‘What do you think you’ll find’? before the test.

His response:

‘Basically Greek, Greek, and more Greek‘.

He was largely Greek, but his ethnicity estimate also showed 18% Europe East and a surprising 2% Asia South.

Like Theo, Nina Holand was certain of her family story. She was Norwegian:

‘To me, being Norwegian is really everything I know. So it’s down to culture. It’s down to genes.’

It turned out she was more than a quarter Irish. And she too had traces of South Asia.

She was shocked to have so much Irish heritage and also pointed out,

‘It’s crazy that I’m more Asian than Western European or Finnish’.

Unsure but open to surprises

Others were less deeply connected to their roots. Theo’s wife Zareena, from South Africa, had parents who separated when she was young, so she felt like she ‘never really had an identity as to where’ she was from.

She was blown away by her results, which revealed she had roots from many regions of Africa, from Great Britain, AsiaPolynesia, and even Scandinavia.

Others had no idea what to expect. Simon Edds said his results would be a big surprise, and indeed they were.

His results showed he had several different European ethnicities, including some he never would have guessed, like Iberian (Spain and Portugal) and Scandinavian.

Most residents of the building in the video had ethnicity estimates from more than half a dozen regions, and one resident had an amazing 18!

Their individual stories tell us we are in fact far more connected than we think, through our DNA.

It truly is a small world.

What’s your DNA story?