How To Choose The Best All Day Walking Sandals

From music festivals and beach days to local street fests and community events, summer in Ontario has enough going on to keep the whole family busy. And although each attraction may be different than the next, there’s one thing you can count on at each — walking. But nobody wants to spend the day with their feet smothered by socks and sneakers; enter sandals. And not all sandals are created equal. It’s important to have the right sandal to guarantee your feet match your energy and eagerness from sun-up to sun-down.

Things to Consider When Searching For The Best All Day Walking Sandal:

The Footbed

The footbed of a sandal speaks volumes about its potential ability to support and comfort you all day long. You should be searching for a footbed that provides substantial support from your heel to your toes, and everywhere in between. One of the brands that come to mind when we think of sandals with supportive footbeds is Aetrex. As a brand, Aetrex is focused on creating stylish, supportive footwear. Many of their products are specifically tailored to benefit people with arch pain, flat feet, wide feet, narrow feet, hammer toes and various other foot conditions.

Depending on where you’re planning on taking your sandals, you may also want to consider the outsole (sole). For instance, if you’re planning a portaging trip or hike but don’t want to wear sneakers or boots, you may want something with a more substantial sole. This will give you the grip of a hiker while still allowing your foot to breath.

The Fit

The next thing you should consider when searching for the best all day walking sandal is the fit. This applies to both how the sandal physically fits your foot as well as the number and design of the straps on the sandal. You should be looking for any hot spots or pressure points where blisters and other pain could develop as well as whether or not the sandal has enough straps to keep it secure on your foot. The last thing you want is to be tripping over your floppy sandal all day long, or worse, have to go home because your feet hurt so badly. And although the more straps, the more likely the sandals are to stay secure, there are many one-strap and two-strap designs that still provide an adequate fit.

Width Offerings

Many brands offer their sandals in regular, narrow and wide widths. If you find a sandal that you love the look of, but not so much the fit, ask if it comes in a different width that may be better suited to your foot. This will give you the best fit possible.


And last but not least, you’ll want to consider the material the sandal is made of. For long days under the sun, you’ll want to choose a material that breathes, but is also quick-drying. This way, no matter what you get up to, your feet will always be comfortable and dry.

Summer is the season of sandals. No matter what your summer plans are, make sure your sandals are up to the adventure. Shop online at or in-store at one of our 15 locations for sandals that check all the boxes on your comfort list.