It’s all his fault! Traditions behind your family’s weird names

“That’s so unusual – is it a family name?” Anyone with an out-of-the-ordinary moniker hears this question often. However, a little research may reveal a family tree peppered with even more unusual names and the reasons behind them. Here are some common naming traditions that may help unlock the mystery… Read more“It’s all his fault! Traditions behind your family’s weird names”

What 770,000 tubes of saliva reveal about America

What do you do with 770,000 tubes of saliva collected from  customers? Ancestry scientists have an unusual answer: Create a ground-breaking map of America’s history-based diversity using the genetic data from the analysis of the samples. This unique map shows this country’s great migrations, the echoes of our pioneer ancestors in our genes… Read more“What 770,000 tubes of saliva reveal about America”